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Immigration issues can be complicated, frustrating, and confusing. Navigating an immigration application through USCIS or NVC can also be difficult and bewildering. But not to worry, because the attorneys at Barre Law specialize in handling all aspects of immigration law. Our attorneys have years of experience handling immigration cases before the Immigration Court as well as Federal Court. We offer immigration denial litigation, deportation legal services, family immigration petitions, affirmative asylum applications & more. No matter what type of legal counsel you need, we'll help provide solutions to your immigration issue.

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Our federal litigation attorneys can take on a variety of cases. We have extensive experience practicing in:

  • Federal litigation: If your case is delayed, we can file a Writ of Mandamus to compel USCIS to process your case quickly. If your case was wrongfully denied, we can appeal it to Federal Court.
  • Removal defense: We can help build your defense when you're under the threat of removal.
  • Family immigration: We can help you and your family petition for immigration or file for a visa.
  • Asylum: We can help you apply for asylum when it's unsafe to return to your home country.

Is your green card application taking longer to process than the provided time? We'll file a complaint to ensure USCIS processes your case within the standard processing times. Call (646) 894-5900 to set up a consultation with Barre Law!

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We offer a wide variety of family immigration legal services

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Barre Law is dedicated to providing dependable federal litigation and immigration services to clients. Our top attorney was also an immigrant, himself, and understands the process extensively. Whether you come to us seeking asylum or preparing your deportation defense, we'll put you first.

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Coming from an immigrant family himself, our federal litigation attorney understands exactly what your family is going through. Even if your case seems challenging, we'll be more than happy to take it on. Since we've been practicing in New York for over 16 years, we've seen all sides of the immigration process. We're ready to sit down with you one-on-one so you can tell us your story. Then, we'll create a plan of action.

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